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Welcome to 
Deaf Multilingual Community Support
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Every pound you donate will allow DMCS
Deaf Multilingual Community Support to help the Deaf Community to have a better quality of life and wellbeing without barriers through the provision of our services.
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Help a Deaf person access the NHS, GPs and other health care practitioners by supplying a DMCS Hospital Passport and Emergency Card that could potentially help save a Deaf person's life in vulnerable and emergency situation.
You can help Deaf people learn about a healthy way living through BSL Cookery classes, BSL Yoga, who want to improve their quality of life.
Aid our Deaf Relay Interpreters in languages of Russian, Romanian, Arabic, Farsi and Polish to continue to communication with some of our vulnerable clients throughout the country.
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Support our Employment adviser assist a Deaf person with job hunting, CV writing and interview techniques.
You can help towards one-to-one Benefits and Advocacy support for any Deaf person and assist with completing forms, contacting utility companies, DWP, and letter writing.
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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