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Deaf Multilingual Community Support
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⫸  Learning Sign Language, especially at an early age, has been proven to have numerous benefits. It can help with communication and social skills and helps to improve confidence.

⫸  It encourages children to adopt inclusive attitudes for the future.

⫸  Learning Sign Language may open more opportunities in the future, from making new friends to potential careers.
Do you want to make your organization more Deaf Aware?

DMCS offers tailored one-off Deaf Awareness training sessions for staff.
Our Deaf Awareness training will enable your staff to understand the barriers faced
by deaf people and make your organisation more accessible for
Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
in line with the Equality Act 2010. 


Our experienced tutor customises the course content to ensure it
is relevant to your staff, so that they learn Deaf Awareness skills
and basic BSL signs that will be
useful in their roles.

Contact us for further details about how we can help give your the staff
confidence and skills to improve communication with Deaf
and hard of hearing people. 


For more information about how Deaf Awareness training
can benefit your organisation,
please contact:

  • 1.  Can I get free assessment?
    Yes DMCS offers a free assessment for those who wanting to learn BSL level 2 and above.
  • 2.  Can pay bit by bit
    DMCS offers an installment plan for those with proven hardship. Contact
  • 3.  Is my teacher Deaf?
    Yes, you will learn BSL from a Deaf qualified teacher who is a native BSL signer
  • 4.  Can my child learn BSL?
    Yes we offer BSL courses from beginners to intermediate level from ages of 7years to 17years old
  • 5.  Do I still need to do BSL exam as I am COAD?
    That's brilliant, as a child of a deaf adult you may be keen to gain your BSL qualifications for your future employment. Start today, ready for tomorrow and get 30% discount* (Subject to met conditions)Contact
  • 6.  Is it too late to learn BSL, I am over 40+"
    It is NEVER too late to learn a new skill and improve your life.
  • 7.  Do DMCS provide video equipment?
    For those who students who undertake the L3 -L6 courses there will be video work involved and your teacher will have all the necessary equipment.
  • 8.  Which online platform can I use to complete my course
    DMCS will be using Zoom to conduct their BSL courses.
  • 9.  Can I get private tuition?
    Yes, prices vary depending on the course level required. Please contact for more details.
  • 10.  I prefer in person learning can you provide group courses?
    Yes DMCS will resume face to face learning in the future.
  • 11.  I learnt baby signs before can I do a BSL course?
    Yes you can request a free DMCS BSL Assessment and watch your fingers fly.
  • 12.  I am a Deaf native signer can I do my BSL exams with DMCS?
    Yes, once you have completed your BSL courses you will be able to undertake your BSL exams in your chosen course level.
  • 13.  Can I do my BSL exams only with DMCS ?
    Yes DMCS can support L3-L6 students ready to complete their exams
  • 14.  Will there be homework or practice time ?
    It would be best if you continue to practice and review your signing in your free time
  • 15.  If I miss a class how can I catch up or review?
    You can have additional tutorials with teacher (NB: this may incur an additional fee).See our Terms & Conditions
  • 16.  Do you do fast track courses as I need a qualification for my job?
    Yes, drop us an email
  • 17.  Where can I practice my signing skills?
    Get involved with the deaf community.
  • 18. Who is the awarding body?
    All BSL examinations are accredited by Signature who are the recognised awarding body by educational institutions, employers and agencies throughout the UK.


Jonathan BSL 3 Student

The teacher is very clear and  patient and I have enjoyed learning my BSL level 3 through DMCS.

I am  looking forward to doing my BSL Level 4 with you.

Rachael,  BSL Level 3 Student

Thank you very much for helping  me pass my BSL Level 3.  I am really happy. 

You guys are brilliant  and so supportive.   

Ulrike, Student 1:1 Tutition

My teacher is very inspiring and patient . These online lessons work well for me because there is no travel time.  All my lessons have been excellent

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